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Betting on the October Nine

WSOP Main Event Day 3 1 of 11

The 2012 WSOP Main Event is down to the final nine players with action paused until late October.

But that doesn't mean you can't tap into the action with betting lines now available at several different online sportsbooks.

Ladbrokes was one of the first sportsbooks to post betting lines for the 2012 WSOP Main Event, with the below odds -- based largely on the chip stacks the players will take to the final table when the action resumes -- available for gamblers around the world:

Jesse Sylvia - 43,875,000 chips - 3/1

Andras Koroknai - 29,375,000 - 5/1

Greg Merson - 28,725,000 chips - 5/1

Russell Thomas - 24,800,000 chips - 6/1

Steven Gee - 16,860,000 chips - 8/1

Michael Esposito - 16,260,000 chips - 8/1

Robert Salaburu - 15,155,000 chips - 9/1

Jacob Balsiger - 13,115,000 chips - 12/1

Jeremy Ausmus - 9,805,000 chips - 16/1

With no big names at the final table to skew odds in one direction or another as far as being a fan favorite, it's only natural to see the odds basically line up with the chip stacks.

Merson and Gee are the only players at the final table to have won a WSOP bracelet before, while Koroknai is the only winner of a World Poker Tour event among the final nine.

In recent years the Main Event winner has tended to be very young, which would be a strike against Gee and Esposito who are the elder statesmen of the final table, and a check in favor of Merson and Balsiger.

International players have also fared well in the last few Main Events but this year's final table is dominated by Americans, with just Koroknai of Hungary in the running to try to keep the Main Event title in foreign hands. Pius Heinz of Germany won poker's biggest prize in 2011.

The last nine players standing have been dubbed the "November Nine" in recent years to the delayed final table typically wrapping up in November, but a move to October for 2012 to avoid conflicting with the US Presidential election has caused some chaos with the nomenclature, with some referring to this year's crop of final table players as the "Octo-Nine".

The 2012 Main Event winner will take home nearly $8.5 million in cash and all the members of the final table guaranteed to walk away with at least $750,000 for their efforts.


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