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66 Observations & Questions About David Bowie’s “Where Are We Now?”

On his 66th birthday, David Bowie released a new track and video to prep the world for his new album, his first in ten years, which will be released in February.

So, in honor of his birthday, here are 66 observations and questions about the song and video for “Where Are We Now?"

1. Shiny crystals! This is already good. Sparkly things.

2. A cluttered room, moving dolly, where are we going?

3. Ah! David Bowie has a hologram head and a doll’s body!

4. What is that font?

5. Was David Bowie’s mouth always so tiny?

6. Who is that woman?

7. She looks like Bjork but is not Bjork.

8. Why is Iman not in this video?

9. Bowie and that women’s projected faces on those fluffy bodies are going to spawn a serious trend.

10. This song is so sad.

11. This song is making me consider some serious life changes.

12. Seriously, the weird projected faces are the look.

13. Berlin looks cool.

14. Which celebrity has tweeted the best Bowie tweet?

15. I like the lyrics floating around the screen.

16. Is it possible that our attempts to connect with other humans are personal failures not because we fail to connect, but because we are ultimately alone in the universe?

17. I bet hanging out with Bowie in Berlin was the best time.

18. This slow, Lou Reed, “Perfect Day” like tone and vibe are a delight.

19. Every time he says, “just walking the dead” I think about how much more I love this video than I love The Walking Dead.

20. Thank you for taking some power away from The Walking Dead, Bowie. We owe you.

21. Ok. It took me this long to realize that Bowie and that woman are conjoined doll-things.

22. Will this Bowie projector doll become the next Tickle-Me Elmo?

23. Is that woman ever going to sing?

24. No, that was just a licking of the lip, a tease. She is not singing.

25. Have I ever suffered real heartbreak?

26. Wait. Maybe they’re not conjoined. I just don’t see four arms!

27. Her eyebrows are lovely, but he needs to fill his in a bit. Unless he’s going for that Space Oddity look, in which case, mission accomplished.

28. Is that an ostrich egg on the table?

29. Where are we now?

30. I’m entranced by the slow-mo pedestrians.

31. We should all probably go to Berlin.

32. Someone is probably writing an in-depth essay about this video right now.

33. Tony Ouster did a great job making this look so surreal and melancholy.

34. Ryan Murphy is going to borrow this projection technique for some terror scene on American Horror Story.

35. If David Bowie looks worried should we all be worried?

36. Is David Bowie really 66 years old?

37. Because he looks great.

38. He’s probably had some work done.

39. Is that a giant ear on the table by the television?

40. What kind of cake does David Bowie eat on his birthday?

41. I bet he does not do cupcakes.

42. He eats a thin cake for sure.

43. How does this projection work? I should be looking this up.

44. I can’t even begin to analyze the technical elements and will continue to feel my feelings.

45. Has this song induced real heartbreak in me?

46. The way Bowie’s singing about me and him (or whatever!) is super touching.

47. I believe that Bowie genuinely feels something for me and all of humanity!

48. Where are my damn tissues?

49. What is he holding? A book? The notebook with the song written in it?

50. If that’s the notebook with the song someone will make lots of money if they stole it from set to sell online.

51. That Song of Norway t-shirt means Bowie is an operatta fan.

52. Dog’s butt cameo!

53. Or is it a dog’s butt photobomb?

54. In the close-up Bowie is struggling with a moral dilemma.

55. Or maybe he’s just having trouble with his eyes. He is 66.

56. No it’s obviously serious moral contemplation.

57. This room is blowing my mind with all the things everywhere.

58. I have to pause this and examine.

59. The resolution isn’t good enough for me to examine all the things, but it does create more questions about all the things everywhere.

60. The downside to this low-lighted filming and projection is that you can’t really appreciate Bowie’s two different coloured, yet equally beautiful eyes.

61. David Bowie looks good in a t-shirt. He can wear just a simple t-shirt and still look stylish.

62. I need to seriously consider therapy.

63. She left!

64. He left!

65. I feel alone.

66. Happy birthday, David Bowie.


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