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5 Pop-Culture Reasons to Embrace the Fall


Summer! You go by so fast!

You give us glory and then leave us. Sad times.

Yeah. It’s hard. No more sunning on the sand, congregating on patios, grilling meats on the BBQ and in general not caring too much about anything that doesn’t involve leisure time.

Then just as you’re getting used to the summer lifestyle, autumn returns. B

ack to school, back to work, back to being serious about everything.

It’s a hard transition. It can feel like the world is changing. Stress returns. Everything feels important.

Everyone wants people to be on the ball again. No more leaving work early on Friday to read, lakeside.

But there are ways to make it through this tough transition. And I’m not talking about organizing your closet or buying a tanning bed.

Here are the top five pop-culture reasons to settle into the crunch of fallen leaves and pumpkin-spice lattes.

1. The Return of The Good Wife

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen the gang at Lockhart and Gardner fight the good fight (or do they) and win and lose cases.

Sunday nights are more enjoyable with The Good Wife.

The dramatic tension, the recurring guest judges, the season-long arcs that surprise and jump and dance like beautiful fish in a stormy ocean.

The sexual tension between Will and Alicia that brings untold joy. Kalinda being a badass. Eli trading barbs with everyone and of course, Diane, being the most kickass lady of all time.

When you turn on your TV and settle in for some serialized network drama, it won’t feel so bad putting on the parka and boots to trudge around.

Each Sunday night you’ll watch the gang navigate the cold, wintery gales of the Windy City’s courtrooms and take comfort in their neverending drama.

2. The September Issue

Everyone knows there is only one sure-fire way to get fired up about fall: read the annual fashion bible: Vogue’s September issue.

It’s the biggest and best of the year and features more fashion editorials and photos than any other.

This year it’s 916 pages of glossy fantastic inspiration, fancy photography and in-depth interviews.

Like the rich foliage even the ads, which are plentiful, are even more beautiful at this time of year.

So don’t get down about putting away those cute sandals and summer dresses.

Let Grace Coddington teach you how to dress for the season with style.

3. Awards Season Begins

Another reason it’s ok to stay indoors? Award shows! Speeches! Red carpets!

Rampant speculation about who will wear and win what!

Beginning on September 23 with the Primetime Emmys and continuing into the new year with the Globes, Oscars, SAG and Independent Spirit Awards (to name a few), big stars come out to play while we try to avoid raking leaves and shovelling snow.

So set your DVRs for the Emmys. That is if you haven’t already watched the MTV Music Video Awards, which I understand, but it’s always a crazy good time.

Who wants to live in a world without Britney Spears and a snake?


4. The Final Twilight Installment

Sure, you might hate love Twilight, you might hate Twilight, but I’m guessing you have an opinion on Twilight.

No matter your take on the vampire saga I’m sure you’ll be happy that the last film in the series will premier in November.

There are reasons for both lovers and haters to rejoice.

For those who can’t get enough of the sparkly vamps and their struggles, be they of the emotional or world-ending variety, this will be their last hurrah. The big bang to end on.

They can relish in the glory of this finale that will be full of smoldering looks, big battles and off-brand CGI.

For those who wish that Twilight was never hatched out of a witch’s egg it will almost seem like it never was.

They won’t have to endure more promotion, trailers, tv appearances and press junkets.

After it’s over they can watch television and read magazines without the constant threat of encountering new Twilight material. Because there won’t be any.

5. The Return of JK Rowling: The Causal Vacancy

Though Harry Potter has come and gone, not another word to be written about him, the author of that huge wizard franchise has put fingers to keyboard once again and written a novel.

This time, for adults. For us? For once?

Why thank you, publishing world.

So, here’s the thing. We don’t really know anything!

The book is shrouded in secrecy and has been for months, since the publisher announced the release date.

All that’s out there is a brief description and a cover image.  It’s not much to go on, but it’s new JK Rowling, for adults, and definitely something to look forward to.

And to think we assumed books were all about BDSM “mommy porn” or action-packed mysteries these days.


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