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5 Odd Celebrity Outfits from 5 Odd Celebrity Events

Just because we’re in that season between awards season it doesn’t mean that celebrities aren’t out there turning their publicity tricks. It just means that for the most part the super A-list stars are hiding out in their plush bunkers until the pop culture doldrums are over.

But they can’t have all the fun! Tom Cruise and George Clooney and Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie aren’t the only players in this game!

Sure, soon enough they’ll be tromping down red carpets and bringing their best duck-faces and bleached grins back. Their steely and smiling faces will be seen again, their couture gowns and trim pants will once again rule.

Now is not the time for classiness. It is the time for fun. The transition from winter to spring, from the Oscars to the MTV Movie Awards, is a complicated but fun moment in time.

The air changes from crisp and cool to slightly less cool and the sun shines brighter and for longer, as do these lesser-known, yet still-worth-our-time celebrities and their ensembles.

Other celebs need their time in the sun too -- especially if that time in the sun is going to be innovative, or entertaining, or so out there that it puts all those boring looks at all the big events to shame.

Here’s the five best celebrity ensembles worn at some odd celebrity events. These celebs know how to mix their style to the occasion.

Dennis Rodman – “So You Think You Can Roast?”
Friar’s Club Roast of Dennis Rodman

If you’re getting roasted there are a few choices you can make, wardrobe-wise.

You can try to be casual, as though it’s not a big thing to have people trash-talk you for the enjoyment of others. You can class it up, with a more professional look like a suit or a cocktail dress.

Or you can go full crazy and just embrace the absurdity of this ritual.

This is the way Dennis Rodman went. And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Layered scarves, a preteen’s sequined disco dress over creamy sateen pants and the loudest geometric jacket to pull it all together.

Honestly, the sunglasses are a fine choice, but that hat needs to go. It’s taking away something from the perfection of this wildness.

Ditch it, Rodman! We all know you’re bald.

Zoe HardmanBAFTA Video Game Awards

This is like a slushy pool in the vast waters of awards. The British Academy awarding video games is a crack up.

Are there awards for best period-drama to action game? One can only hope. 

There is something very appropriate about this whole look. Zoe Hardman is covering all the appropriate ground: a loud animal print, tight and big bodacious hair.

She’s like something out of a game herself.

Although if this cheetah print was a catsuit instead of a gown she would be full-on video-game vixen.

Michelle Heaton
Tesco Mum of the Year Awards

Michelle Heaton gets it.

I like to assume her thought process on selecting her Tesco Mum of the Year Awards dress went something like this:

Well, I’m going to an event that is celebrating mums, and I want what I wear to be a tribute to mums. 

What is significant about mums? They are women, they birth babies? And where do babies come from? Out of a woman’s….!

So yes, this dress is prefect and wholly appropriate.

I can’t think of a better way to shout out all the mums being celebrated than by wearing a dress that pays homage to the delicate folds of their bodies. 

I just hope no one tried to fertilize her hem.

Milla JovovichGLAAD Media Awards

This is a straight forward "menswear on a woman" look.

It’s not breaking down any walls or shouting from the rooftops, but I can’t deny that Milla looks really, really good in these cream pants and that shirt tucked in just so with that undone tie giving it a little macho edge.

Katherine Hepburn, if she wasn’t dead, would be giving Milla a high five here.

Rob Kardashian
Promoting “Arthur George” sock line
Kardashian Khaos, Las Vegas

Younger brother of the K. Kardashian’s Three, wee Rob isn’t going to let them have all the fashion-designing and fame-whoring fun.

Rob could be doing a better job here but he does get a few key elements right.

He’s wearing the most basic piece of clothing, a t-shirt, but one that is totally done up and over the top.

He’s got his tattoos on display and is exposing a sliver of sock.

Now, he should be showing a little more sock, maybe even getting douchier by rolling those pants up, but he’s showing just enough sock love to get people interested.

But he does do one accessory right. If you’re going to try and get people to care about socks, you bring along your pimp mom.

If anyone knows how to sell mundane products it’s Kris Jenner. This lady has made it her stock in trade.

Look at all the Kardashian stuff you encounter on a daily basis, including her daughters.

She did all of that. All of it!

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